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Travel Tools: Galaxy Tab A6

This device really is the ‘dog’s bollocks’ for travellers. I used to believe the 10.1 was the ultimate travel accessory, but, as it turns out, less is more. You can pick these up for as little as 7000 baht in most shopping malls. This latest model was released March 2016 and is the best tablet/phone I’ve ever had. OK, it does look like an oversized phone, but really it’s a small tablet, which can be used as a phone. Phones are OK for making phone calls (obviously) and the 10.1 tablets are a little cumbersome when we are constantly on the move. So this good all-rounder is perfect for travellers. It has a good solid design without feeling like a brick and the 7.0 size allows it to fit easily into side pockets and small bags, though if you intend to watch movies on it, you may want a bigger screen. The one downside is, like most Galaxy devices, there is no flash, so photo quality suffers in poorly lit locations.

The great thing about it is once you have mobile internet set up, you have the internet with you wherever you go, and it is usually a lot faster than most free Wi-Fi areas. So even when your sat on a slow, boring train ride you can keep in touch with friends or post photos to Facebook to help while away the time. You can also turn your Galaxy Tab A6 into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to use your laptop with faster Wi-Fi speeds than your hotel is providing. There are several Apps that can make our travelling lives easier such as Google Maps or Sav Nav; or the ability to book hotels online at the touch of a few buttons. This truly is a travellers’ must have accessory; I never leave home without it.


(The Bangkok Consultant)



Top Travellers’ App: Google Maps

The original travellers’ best friend: Google Maps allows you to wander to your heart’s content, without the need to keep track of where you are. This latest edition also offers up-to-date traffic reports on your local area, Sat-Nav, offline maps, information on local points of interest, (hotels & restaurants) and directions on how to get there.

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