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Sponsor a thai student

Please sponsor a Thai student

In a royal address in 1961, His Majesty, King Bhumibol stated one of his fundamental beliefs about learning: “Learning is a never-ending process. Those who wish to advance in their work must constantly seek more knowledge, or they could lag behind and become incompetent”. This led to many projects being set up to help his people get a better education to much success. However, the sad truth is education costs money, and some students cannot afford the basics like school bags, books, uniforms, meals, medical store and so on.

In a country where everyone has a right to an education, it’s a shame to see so many denied their right to learn due to financial crisis. There are many organisations that can broker sponsorships for patrons and students in Thailand. The Bangkok Consultant supports the American Woman’s Club of Thailand’s program of student sponsorship.

The organisation was set up in 1955 to support Thai charities, and it welcomes woman from all cultures and backgrounds to get involved in their various activities in Bangkok, including weight loss programs and yoga lessons etc.  Some of their external contributions to Thailand include,

• community self-help projects,
• projects benefiting a community or group,
• hospitals, clinics, schools and orphanages,
• nutritional programs,
• books, supplies, scholarships, playground equipment, or teacher’s salaries.

The sponsor a student program is just one of the many projects, but we feel it is one of the most noble. For the cost of what many people would spend on a night out, you could help change a life, so please donate 6000 baht (per year) to this great cause.

If you would like to sponsor a student or get involved in any of the American Woman’s Club of Thailand’s projects then please see the website or call 02-712-3380 for more information.